Hello & Welcome to My Blog

As my first blog post, ever, I would like to thank you for checking my site out! I used to be convinced that blogging was overrated and dumb. There are too many out there already why would anyone feel the need to start another and with all the social medias out there it was just another way to blab about your day for the world to see. I usually have this pattern where I don’t like something for no reason and then all of a sudden I’ll come around and be like, yeah I was just denying myself an opportunity just to be grumpy and different. In the past few days, I realized blogging would be a good fit for me. A way to have like minds read and share their thoughts with me as I share mine with them. Something I suppose I’ve always have longed for but have never really known myself enough to find that certain group.

A little about myself…

I am a Christian, wife, and a stay at home mommy. My little one is one going on three. He’s a quick little whippersnapper, cute as a button, and has his mommy’s temper. We have a kitty cat, who is one and a half, my biggest baby, and will be referred to as Ceebs (because my husband and I can’t agree on the way his real name should be spelled). He was born 2 days before our wedding day and shortly after we started bringing him inside. He was a natural at being a lazy housecat from day one. My little one and the fur baby are absolute best friends; it’s heartwarming. We also have a rooster, 4 hens, and a duck. I also like to dabble in photography, though I don’t have the money to be professional at it.

I mostly just want to start writing and sharing about daily happenings as a mother and wife, as well as share things from the kitchen. I am a traditionalist in the sense that I would prefer to stay at home and keep the home running rather than have a full time job. I didn’t always believe I would be that person. I loved working and staying busy, going out all the time, it was fun and all great experiences. Only now do I realize they were God’s way of preparing me for my current life, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I will try to post daily, but that won’t always happen. The next post will hopefully be a little more entertaining and/or helpful, but, for now, I’ve got some thoughts to sort out in my dreams.



One thought on “Hello & Welcome to My Blog

  1. Kelsey, I just read all three of you blogs, and I love them! I am so proud of you for starting this; you are so brave! I can’t wait to see where this takes you, and how you will grow. Thank you so much for sharing, and Ohana is perfect. 🙂


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