Elect a Leader, Please

Presidential election of 2016… The candidates are well, interesting. Marco has an ego about him, constantly enforcing “when I’m president” far too often, is he still looking for Polo? Trump doesn’t know what’s going on. Sanders is older than the U.S. itself. Bush is just another Bush. Clinton… Well let’s be honest, so we really want her in office for sake of having a woman leader… ? I think not. Everyone else I haven’t looked enough into to comment on but if you’ve heard them in the government spotlight for over 4 years, they’re already brainwashed and it’s just best to not to.

America, let’s go back to how it was. When the people of this great country chose who was best fit for the duties of the LEADER of this nation. Not just who can speak the best or come up with fast simple solutions of the top ten problems in society right now. Someone who meets the requirements and is a genuine person. When did we start picking from the most popular list to run our nation? You realize they’re in charge, right? Were letting DC become Hollywood. Hows about someone who’s not dramatic and doesn’t pick pointless fights that we can argue around the bush ’til were blue in the face and get absolutely no where. No one is going to be perfect. Also, remember, el presidente isn’t going to fix everything on his own as soon as he steps in office, it’s the government.

All I’m saying is if you’re gonna vote, vote for someone with values, not just because you disagree with them on one issue because the chances of any of the issues being fixed to everyone’s satisfaction are zip. Nada. If I want to buy a box of crayons, but I hate the color pink, I’m still going to buy the box of crayons. It’s not a popularity contest. Regardless of what the press wants you to believe. Its about who’s most qualified to be the LEADER of this nation.



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