I ran across something on Facebook that read:

Don’t like gay marriages? Don’t get one.
Don’t like cigarettes? Don’t smoke them.
Don’t like alcohol? Don’t drink it.
Don’t like drugs? Don’t do them.
Don’t like porn? Don’t watch it.
Don’t like sex? Don’t have it.
Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one.
Don’t like your rights taken away?
Don’t take anyone else’s away.

Yes we live in a free, very wealthy nation. We have the money to buy these items.

Yes we can make our own decisions and choose our lifestyles as we please.

Now let me change that to first person point of view.
“I make my own decisions as I please.”

I, my, I

It’s all bout “me.”

I’m sorry for you. You’ve been mislead.

It’s not all about you.

This world has gotton very cold. Hell is very close to actually freezing over because of the coldness of our hearts.

Where I grew up, if you saw someone who had their hands full and needed to go through a door, you helped them by opening the door or carrying their things momentarily. You wave or say hello to everyone you pass, whose name you know. You were generally friendly, not smug.

Since we’ve moved to our current place of residence, it’s a complete oposite atmosphere. It makes me angry and sad. It angers me because sometimes I need help opening a door or gate. When I’ve got a baby in one arm and groceries in the other, it’s not always easy to get from the car to inside our home. People pass me all the time and look at me like I’m incapable of doing simple tasks and they might catch a disease if they try to help me. Where did this mindset come from? It also saddens me because when I pass people and try to be friendly I get the same glazed over look. How am I supposed to get to know people and make new acquaintances if no one will even say hello? How shallow of people have we become?

Now more specifically on the subject of abortion, who decided it was a mothers right to kill a child. Once you’re pregnant you will always be a mother, just because a grown child dies does not mean you aren’t a mother anymore, they just aren’t with you anymore. When someone finds out they’re pregnant, they don’t look down at the test and say well a have time to decide if I will actually be pregnant or not. No. They look at the plus sign or double line and think Crap. I’m pregnant.
*If it’s not a baby then you’re not pregnant and at what point do you decide you’re pregnant?
They acknowledge the fact there is a child developing inside of them and they don’t want the responsibility, the lifestyle change, the reactions of people, or the consequences, they just want the problem to go away.
*When did we start hating children?

People always say put them up for adoption as an alternative, well that doesn’t always seem better, especially if the one considering abortion was adopted and had a terrible experience with that process. It cost money to feed, clothe, and educate a child, even at the most minimal level. Adoption is too expensive for even the “well off” people I know. They can definitely afford to raise the child and love the child, but they cannot pay to buy the child from the agency. If they are willing to pay for the child’s life expenses why should they have to pay a fee of such an amount that could pay for two other children’s life expenses, why not just let them raise all three? Chances are they want more than one, they just can’t afford to buy them. Though, that doesn’t give you the right to make a decision on how that baby’s life is to turn out. Even though they are apart of you by DNA, does not make them you and they won’t have the same life as you.

Secondly, there’s not a person out there who doesn’t like sex. Its just a healthy way of life to not have sex with every person you come in contact with, and to only have it with one person whom you love unconditionally. Otherwise you end up with mental problems such as depression or self shaming when you are not the sole person being loved.

Porn. It’s impossible to completely avoid and not look at. It you watch tv, you can’t know when it’s going to pop up in an ad or the background of a show. It’s not possible. If you go to a mall, you’re going to see it. If you’re driving in a car, you might see it on billboards, or other signs. If you use the internet, your bound to see it everywhere. You can’t physically avoid it by living an average life. That is a problem. We have no respect for fellow humans and their opinions. If I am going to hear out your view points and consider how your way of thinking works, why is it too much to ask that you do the same for me? Instead it’s often a my way or the highway mindset. I considered your view, now I want You to consider my view, and not just assume I’m the one in the wrong. I didn’t do that to you. If I had, how would I have known your side of the issue?

As for drugs and cigarettes, those are not rights you have. They’re choices you make to often cope with stress, that have consequences on your health. The world has confused a right with a decision.

Alcohol, moderation people, don’t be stupid. I don’t understand what is so fun about a hangover. Generally you don’t choose to have a migraine or the flu so why would you choose to have it all at once. If you’re not going to remember the immature stuff you did the next day anyway. Why bother wasting hours of your life without memory, having a migraine, and throwing up?

And finally, gay marriage. I wonder why do we even have a gay problem? I mean I’m gay relationships say one woman is always dressed like a man and is “the man of the relationship” and the men are usually feminine. So why not just do sex changes if that’s what your desires are? Then we’d only have one issue. If you’re gay and you’re reading this, why did you become gay? I’m going to assume it’s because of one of the following. You couldn’t find a decent opposite gender that cared about you (most likely starting at a young age) and you were interested in different things than most and a person of the same gender who understood you and cared about you became your lover. On the other hand it could be that you were not manly or feminine enough so you found someone of the same gender who was more than enough manly for a man or feminine for a woman and became close to them hoping you could become the woman or man you wanted. Instead you “fell in love” and became the opposite gender role in the same gender relationship. Do we not see that gays still model the traditional man/woman relationship?



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  1. Great post. I am so with you on the adoption. There is no reason for it to be so expensive. My husband and I adopted through social services. It was much cheaper. It was a flat $1000.00 fee. Then all we had to pay was the attorney and court costs, which were only another few hundred dollars depending on how much the attorney charged. In our case we took a brother and sister so the fee covered both of them since it was a single home study. The only other cost we had was some medical copays because we had to have physicals. For anyone wanting to adopt, you don’t have to go to some fancy agency for thousands of dollars with no guarantee of being chosen or the birth mother following through. We did the private agency thing first and were picked by two different birth mothers who both changed their minds which meant lost about $7000.00 dollars. Be very careful.

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