Double or Nothin’


I knew I was pregnant pretty early and had an ultrasound done to check the pregnacy as the previous ended in a miscarriage. Everything was normal until that exciting 20 week unltrasound when you find out the gender. I found out the gender all right, but more shockingly, they found a second baby! Twins! I was having twins! Oh crap! I’m halfway through this pregnancy and there’s two! How did this get missed?! 

After all that settled in and I adjusted to the reality, things were great again. Everything went so well with the pregnancy, no complications, no swelling, the babies stayed within good measure of each other, & I made it 36 weeks! 

On day one of that 36th week, I was staring into the freezer looking for something to make for dinner. I was thinking to myself “come on boys, this would be the perfect time, I don’t want to figure out or make dinner, I want to eat at the hospital tonight!” Low and behold, seconds after my thought, my water broke! I yelled to my husband to get our son and himself ready to go, called my parents to come get the kid, and off we went to the hospital! Got checked in right away, in my room, all hooked up to the monitors, wonderful staff, doctors, and nurses. It was a grand ole time. 

Evening passed, the clock struck twelve, and then we were finally getting somewhere with the dialation and contractions! I was to be taken to the operating room as precaution in case a c-section was needed. 12:40 a.m. they check me and rush me off to the O.R. Twenty or so nurses and docs running around scrubbing up, putting coats and booties on, then woosh! 12:50 out pops baby A! My husband hadn’t even got the chance to get into the room yet, he had just got his coat on when the nurse went back to the room to get him and informed him he had missed baby A’s arrival. Now time for baby B. Or not.

Shortly after A’s arrival, my cervix decreased back to 4 cm dialated. This happens? Apperantly. 

They took me back to the room and had to re-induce me to get Baby B going again. What fun. Three hours later at 3:58 a.m. baby B finally made his arrival!

Three hours, one pound apart, I had two of the sweetest most precious little boys. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™


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